Disruption has become one of the most overused words in the 21st century – in fact, one might argue that the original essence of this word has become obsolete with the proliferation of this term across the technological landscape. However, one needs to take a look at the bigger perspective and understand precisely what has contributed to the popularity of the word “disruption” in modern times. Ask any expert about the reason as to why this is the case, and you’ll find one common terminology that is synonymous with their opinions – artificial intelligence.

The concept of artificial intelligence has progressed by leaps and bounds – it has reached the point where one can’t even label it as a “technology” anymore. Instead, it has become a science that more and more people are studying every day. Modern institutes are also answering this increased demand, with institutes like ICRI – in collaboration with Ansal University – providing a to help students become future-ready and break into the jobs of tomorrow.


The science of AI is now governing the development of tech-driven innovations as we know it. To put this statement into context, here are some of the many forms of technology whose development is being propelled by artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning Platforms

One of the significant aspects attached to the concept of artificial intelligence is machine learning. There’s a reason why ICRI groups both AI and Machine Learning in one course since they are technically two sides of the same coin. Cognitive learning was a concept that was limited to just humans, but developments in AI have allowed for machine learning platforms to simulate this behaviour and learn on-the-go through the implementation of unique techniques and algorithms. Some of these include application programming interfaces or APIs, development & training tools, and big data analytics.

Natural Language Generation (NLG)
Converting data into a readable format is a task that was generally assigned to humans. After all, any business-relevant insights that could be accrued would require a human touch. However, with the development of artificial intelligence, these insights can be accumulated through natural language generation or NLG. This extension of AI helps collect insights from data and converts it into a form that can be interpreted by humans. It can help in the generation of marketing summaries, business reports, and anything else along the same lines.

Speech Recognition

The advent of platforms like Siri, Bixby, and Google Assistant have all indicated towards one crucial fact – speech recognition technology is evolving by leaps and bounds. One of the primary reasons why this is the case is due to the application of modern AI algorithms that help distinguish between dialects, accents, and – to an extent – even slang terms. Through these developments, it’s evident that voice-responsive interactive systems will become the norm in the near future.

Marketing Automation

Marketing is a concept that is continually evolving with new changes and developments. Technological innovations are no exception to this golden rule, with AI algorithms allowing for marketing initiatives to become more streamlined, engaging, and effective. This statement is further bolstered by the fact that 62% of companies who improved their overall business attribute a large chunk of their success to the integration of AI algorithms in their marketing strategies. It’s easy to see why this is the case – this integration helps in identifying & targeting demographics, campaign planning, optimising media spending, and enabling personalised offers as well.

Artificial Intelligence is a science that will prove to be revolutionary in governing the development of modern technology. Whether it be speech recognition, machine learning platforms, NLG, or marketing automation – AI will prove to be a critical factor in propagating the prominence of this technology over the coming years. With ICRI and other such institutes providing the means to help aspirants become the future leaders of tomorrow, the future of AI is bright indeed.


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