The Internet of Things (IoT) can best be explained as a concept that describes the idea and notion of everyday physical objects/devices/appliances being connected and linked to the internet and being able to present themselves to other similar devices. The term can also be elaborated on as a method or form of communication, furthermore, it also could include other sensor technologies, wireless technologies or QR codes.

One of the most striking features of the Internet of Things is that it enables an object to represent itself digitally. This allows the object/ device to present itself as something much greater than the core object itself. No longer does the device relate just to its user and its core functions, but it is now connected and function in accordance with surrounding objects and database data. When this act of unison of many objects takes place, it can also be referred to as ‘ambient intelligence’. Paid broadband Internet is becoming increasingly widely available mainly due to the fact that related costs have reduced significantly. Multiple devices are being developed with Wi-Fi capabilities and sensors inculcated into them, technology costs are going down, and smartphone prevalence is sky-rocketing.  All of these key factors have honed an ideal platform for the inception of IoT.


The concept of IoT is bound to augment a host of critical functions in our lives. A clear example of IoT’s impact in our daily life is IIoT or the Industrial Internet of Things. Keeping this in mind, it must be said that the Industrial Internet of Things is being used across a wide range of specialties, ranging from electrical industries working with phenomena like semiconductors to cloud computing or even artificial intelligence. Industry experts in this field believe that cultivating automation in several processes will negate the risk of human errors in any system.

With an expanding number of integrated resources and devices, broader horizons can be set in organizations as it gives the ease of electronic usage and helps to enable multi-site communication across cities. This is a shrewd move in achieving and setting fresh industry standards and business or profit-related goals. This acceleration in automation has generated an essential need to understand this scenario and develop a human workforce capable of overseeing and regulating the operations of these automated tools. These distinct forms of automation have been curated to enhance machinery operations – however, it is still imperative for organizations to make sure that human resources keep a look on operations and functioning of the inputs.

Even the concept of a smart city has been propelled by the advent of IoT. Through the alliance of multiple modern innovations such as advanced process control and smart panels, the concept of smart cities can see a substantial overhaul in just a short span of time. `Here are some of the prominent ways in which the Industrial Internet of Things is impacting the concept of smart city growth as a whole.

  • Automation – This is possibly the greatest role that IoT is playing in the smart city domain– integrating all technologies involved in the functioning of a city, the methods involved can be streamlined to a sizable extent through automation.
  • Data Analytics – As technology has grown over the past few years, the sheer bulk of data that is being generated is remarkable. This is both a positive and negative thing to be honest – interpreting this data analyzing will help you understand what can be done to optimize smart city development.
  • M2M Communication – By implementing distinct IoT solutions, these forms of technology will be able to communicate efficiently and maximize their daily processes to make sure they are smoother and implemented cohesively.

IoT has a significant role to play in multiple industries, be it real estate, construction, manufacturing, or even interior design and architecture. One of the few universities in the country offering a specialised course in IoT is UPES. The institute offers a BCA in IoT. Since its inception, UPES has built a positive reputation for itself by offering contemporary and niche education in fields which really have not been explored by the other institutes.


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